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Works by leading Chinese book designer Lu Jingren, who helped redefine the craft, are on display at the Liu Haisu Art Museum.
Ti Gong

As one of China’s top book designers over a career of 40 years, Lu Jingren played a key role in redefining the art, making it more than just creating a cover for a book.

Born in 1947 in Shanghai, Lu started his career as an art editor at a publishing house in 1978. Later he studied at the workshop of Kohei Suguira, a world-renowned book designer, in Japan.

He won many awards at home and abroad for some of the 2,000 books he designed over the past four decades. A selection of his works are now on display until September 2 at the three exhibition halls of the Liu Haisu Art Museum.

“Book designing should include bookbinding, typographic design, editorial design and infographic design,” Lu says

“In my eyes, a book designer is akin to the second author of the book. He also should take the role of a movie director to strengthen the interpretation of the words through visual modes,” he adds.

Lu, an advocate of traditional culture, is widely recognized as a “defender of Chinese scroll culture.” He likes to fuse traditional Chinese elements into his book designs, creating an unexpected visual impact.

Exhibition details

Date: Through September 2, 10am-4pm
Venue: Liu Haisu Art Museum
Address: 1609 Yan’an Rd W.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong
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