Hidden depths to a leader: The calligraphy of Mao Zedong

Tan Weiyun
In our quest to help people better understand Chinese calligraphy, the second episode introduces works by a calligrapher whose identity may be a surprise to many.
Tan Weiyun

Provided by Tan Weiyun. Directed by Tan Weiyun. Shot by Tan Weiyun. Subtitles by Tan Weiyun.

This column is intended for expats who would like to better understand Chinese calligraphy, leading to a deeper appreciation. Even without knowing Chinese, speakers of other languages can learn some swift and simple basics of the ancient art form.

This second episode introduces unique works by a calligrapher who may be a surprise to many – Mao Zedong.

The late Chinese leader was also an avid calligrapher. His ink strokes narrate his and the country's revolutionary journey, as each stroke both creates and records history, writing his wisdom and painting the feelings of this historic leader.

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