Dragons take over Shanghai Library East Branch

Wang Jie
A special exhibition, "2024 Dragon – Zodiac Art Exhibition" is currently underway at Shanghai Library East Branch until March 2.
Wang Jie
Dragons take over Shanghai Library East Branch

A dragon shaped installation

The "2024 Dragon – Zodiac Art Exhibition" is currently on at the Shanghai Library (East Branch).

The Shanghai Artists Association, Shanghai Animation Industry Association, and Shanghai Library organized the exhibition, which received 5,346 works (groups) from the professional group and 1,716 works from the children's group over the last two months.

Under the dragon theme, many dragons have been created in a variety of ways on canvas, rice paper, sculpture, graphic design, animation, and even CG and AIGC. There are dragons all over the library, including the main entrance, exhibition halls, and passageways.

Li Zhongxu's "Miao Dragons Reproduced" depicts a rustic-yet-stylish dragon using the Miao embroidery style. Xie Ting's "Green Dragon Temple Scroll" creates a vibrant fair setting with flying dragons and saints using computer graphics.

Dragons take over Shanghai Library East Branch

There are 438 dragons at the venue.

"Eyes, horns, and posture are three key elements in portraying a dragon," Zheng Xinyao, chairman of the Shanghai Artists' Association, said.

Zheng said that the oldest painter at the exhibition is the 94-year-old Ding Liren.
"The exhibition also includes 28 works created by young artists born after the year 2000," he said.

Veteran artists like to emphasize the heritage of tradition, whereas the middle-aged generation uses "dragon" as a symbol of the strength and depth of their thinking.
Younger artists enjoy expressing their newly acquired grasp of traditional culture through sci-fi and cyberpunk aspects.

Exhibit info

Date: 1pm-8:30pm (Monday), 9am-8:30pm, through March 2

Address: 300 Hehuan Rd

Admission: Free


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