Songjiang prepares for Spring Festival to outdo others

Hu Min Xu Zhixin
Songjiang District prepares to help residents and visitors welcome the Year of the Dragon, with traditional celebrations, fireworks, and performances.
Hu Min Xu Zhixin
Songjiang prepares for Spring Festival to outdo others
Gao Yu

Shanghai Film and Television Park.

2024 Shanghai Fangta Park Spring Festival activities

Shanghai Fangtayuan organizes festive cultural activities, engaging residents and visitors in traditional forms such as gifting lanterns for the Year of the Dragon, New Year blessings, and Lantern Festival riddle guessing. These activities aim to deepen people's understanding of and promote the rich traditional culture of China.

Date: February 4-24

Venue:Shanghai Fangta Park上海方塔园021-57832621

Address: 235 Zhongshandong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai上海市松江区中山东路235号

The Magic Light Shadow Festival

The Magical Light Shadow Festival, themed "Auspicious Dragon, Gathering Blessings," features lantern installations, innovative performances, NPC interactions, and cultural integration. Divided into two phases:

Phase One: New Year Fireworks Season

Duration: Dec 22, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024

Theme: "Heavenly Auspiciousness, Vibrant New Year"

Highlights include music performances, electronic shows, attractive NPCs, fireworks, and a custom blessing stamp booklet.

Phase Two: Chinese New Year Cultural Festival

Duration: Feb 10 - Feb 29, 2024

Theme: "Dragon Year Rises, Blessings Unleashed"

Activities include dragon dance performances, showcasing intangible cultural heritage in snow-themed fairs, and a lantern-lit street.

Date: Through Mar 31

Venue:Shanghai Happy Valley上海欢乐谷021-33552222

Address: 888 Linhu Road林湖路888号

Songjiang prepares for Spring Festival to outdo others
Ti Gong

Shanghai Fangta Park.

2024 Shanghai Zuibaichi Park New Year Cultural Fair – traditional Chinese arts and folk customs

Yangtze River Delta University Photo Exhibition

"Welcoming Spring, getting Lucky" Spring Couplets

"Date with Lucky Dragon" Photo Contest

"Dragons Welcome Spring" Calligraphy Event

"Zuibai Lecture" Gardening class

Lantern Festival Fun Fair

Date: Jan 15 - Feb 25

Venue: Shanghai Zuibaichi Park上海醉白池公园021-67853551

Address: 64 Renminnan Road, Songjiang District 松江区人民南路64号

Shenkeng: Shanhai Cliffside Light Show

Explore a mesmerizing underground world inspired by ancient Chinese and global classics. Witness a massive live cliffside light show, blending technology and myth in a spectacular display at the hotel geocentric terrace every night.

Welcoming the year of the dragon with lion and dragon dances (at the lobby entrance).

Date: Feb 10

Venue: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland 佘山世茂洲际酒店021-6766 1888

Address: 5888Chenhua Road, Songjiang District 松江区辰花路5888弄

Dragon dream and fireworks world

In 2024, Shanghai Film and Television Park is hosting a major New Year event, recreating the festive atmosphere of the 1930s and 1940s with themes such as temple fairs and dragon dances.

Date: Feb 4 - 24

Venue:211 Cheting Highway 车亭公路211号

Address: Shanghai Film Park 上海影视乐园57600061

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