Catty night at the Egyptian exhibition at Shanghai Museum

Wang Jie
"The Meow of Museum Night," the first event of its kind in any museum worldwide, will have its first night on July 27 when visitors are welcome to bring their pets along.
Wang Jie
Catty night at the Egyptian exhibition at Shanghai Museum

The year-long exhibition at Shanghai Museum marks the first comprehensive collaboration between a Chinese museum and the Egyptian government.

"The Meow of Museum Night," the first of its kind in any museum worldwide, launches its first night on July 27.

One of the highlights of "Top of the Pyramids, Ancient Egyptian Civilization Exhibition," 10 such events will be held every Saturday night. Visitors are welcome to bring their pet cats to visit the exhibition together.

Running from July 19 to August 17 next year, at Shanghai Museum, the one-year exhibition boasts the world's largest and Asia's highest level of ancient Egyptian cultural relics seen outside Egypt. It is also China's first cooperation with the Egyptian government, and more than 95 percent of the Egyptian artifacts are in Asia for the first time.

The "Meow of Museum Night" is inspired by ancient Egyptians' worship of cats. Bast, the cat god, was regarded as a symbol of guardianship and spirituality.

Visitors can take photos with their pet cats in the Cat Temple area, and each participant will be given an exclusive customized "Meow" night refrigerator sticker.

To ensure safety during the event, Shanghai Museum has bought activity insurance for each visitor at "The Meow of Museum Night" and there's a qualified surgeon on-site to deal with any emergency. The safety of pet cats is also considered. The museum will provide cat-friendly installations, cat storage, cat mood stabilizers and cat strollers. There will be veterinarians on-site and a medical service vehicle for pet cats outside the museum.

The entire museum will be disinfected, sterilized and deodorized after the event.

Tickets for "The Meow of Museum Night" can be purchased separately through the Ctrip app from 12pm on July 19 and searching for "Shanghai Museum."

To provide a more convenient service for visitors traveling with their pets outside Shanghai, the Shanghai Museum is working with China Eastern Airlines to promote "pet flights."

Each "The Meow of Museum Night" will allow 2,000 visitors including 200 with pets. Admission for a ticket with a cat is priced at 268 yuan and 258 yuan for general visitors.

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