Moments of Minhang District in February 2022

Yuan Luhang
News brief in Minhang
Yuan Luhang

New landmark

Moments of Minhang District in February 2022
Ti Gong

A new landmark – a blue, three-floor, European-style building with three castle domes – is undergoing a test run in Minhang Culture Park and open the public for free. The venue will serve as a public-welfare facility for autistic children and people with depression and cognitive impairment.

News in Brief

Line 23 breaks ground

Construction on the Minhang section of Metro Line 23 recently kicked off, with the East Jiangchuan Road Station being the first to break ground. There are eight stations planned in Minhang's Wujing Town, with a total of 22 stations along the 28-kilometer-long line.

Free breakfast

All outdoor workers in Shanghai can enjoy a free breakfast in Minhang by applying for a coupon online, a charity project co-sponsored by the Minhang Labor Union, FamilyMart and Lawson.

New shopping plaza

A new 10,000-square-meter shopping plaza in Meilong Town will open in April. A wet market, part of the plaza, opened to the public in early January.

New baseball fields

The lone baseball park for public recreation in Minhang District was unveiled in Huaxiang Greenland Park at 151 Shenkun Road in Xinhong Subdistrict. The park consists of two baseball diamonds, one covering 5,000 square meters, the other covering 1,600 square meters.

Elevator record

Minhang District has set a Shanghai record for equipping old communities with elevators, both in terms of quantity and speed. In 2021, the total number of elevators under construction or already completed hit 1,211, making it the first district in Shanghai to top 1,000.

Medics guard airport

The sixth group of 35 medics from different hospitals in the district were dispatched to Pudong International Airport on January 18 to assist nucleic acid sampling on people arriving from overseas. All medical personnel missed family reunions for Spring Festival, as the work in Pudong will last for one month.

Strawberry season

Local strawberries are finally ripe and on sale in markets after their maturation was postponed for about one month due to higher temperature last October. The local Zhangji strawberry, or Zhang Princess strawberry, is also nicknamed Cream strawberry by Shanghai residents.

Better traffic flow

Traffic police have minimized frequent traffic jams along Sanlu Highway's Lianchuan Road-Jiangwei Road section with technologies including multi-junction, two-way, green-wave coordination, flexible overlapping phases and redistribution of signal times.

Axiaodi relocates

Axiaodi, a traditional brand and the only shop in Minhang's Zhuanqiao Town that sells tongzhenggao (a local steamed rice cake honored as intangible cultural heritage), moved to 2680 Humin Road. Tongzhenggao must be ordered in advance due to the huge demand around Spring Festival.

Streamlined licenses

The first comprehensive business license for an entertainment business in Minhang was recently issued to a company by the Minhang Culture and Tourism Bureau. After the introduction of this new license, companies will no longer have to apply for licenses via multiple permits.

Minhang Weibo

Since January 25, Meilong Park in Minhang's Meilong Town has been accessible to the public 24 hours a day. Major pocket and street parks in Meilong have operated around the clock, with another three big parks following suit since May 1.

The first specialty store in Shanghai for Zhaotong specialties and cultural creative products opened on Qibao Old Street in Qibao Town on January 22. Zhaotong, is a city in Yunnan Province known for its culture, tourism and agricultural resources.

Maqiao Town, Pujin Subdistrict and Xinzhuang Town have been ranked the three safest places in the district, according to the latest safety index released by the district government. It is the 11th time the district has published the safety index.

It is now more convenient for people to park when visiting the district's hospitals. Seven hospitals have made parking lots available via online booking.

Minhang Culture

Ancient Ridge Area Relics Site

An ancient north-south ridge area, part of the Maqiao Cultural Relics Site, was unearthed in 1966. The ridge area, formed by dead seashells and sand, was proof of Shanghai's ancient coastline before it expanded onto land.

Moments of Minhang District in February 2022
Ti Gong

The ancient Ridge Area Relics Site

Moments of Minhang District in February 2022
Ti Gong

The shaded area illustrates the ancient ridge area in Shanghai.

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