Moments of Minhang District in July 2022

Zoe Zhang
A summary of what's happening in Minhang District in the past month.
Zoe Zhang

Blue castle of culture and community

Moments of Minhang District in July 2022
Cui Songge / Ti Gong

A blue, three-floor, European-style building with three castle domes is open to the public for free in Minhang Culture Park. The venue includes a concert hall, a book bar and a gallery to promote culture.

News in Brief

Railway training base

Construction has begun on the Shanghai Railway Dispatching, Operations and Skills Training Base. Located in the Hongqiao International Central Business District, it is expected to be completed in January 2024.

Business boost

Government officials visited enterprises across the Jiangchuan subdistrict to help them overcome the difficulties and restore the normal operation as COVID-19 wanes. So far 379 enterprises have benefited in subsidies, tax refunds and rent relief, totalling 82.87 million yuan (US$12.33 million).

US$30m protein facility

Construction has started on the world's largest plant in vitro protein synthesis facility in Minhang. The 160-ton D2P protein production base of Kangma (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co Ltd has an investment of 200 million yuan. Kangma plans to build three to five more large-scale biological production bases in the district.

Welcome diners back

As the pandemic wanes in Shanghai, hotels in the Hongqiao area have spared no effort to bolster businesses. The Ming Court, for example, has launched a discount package to welcome diners back and opened a takeaway service on WeChat.

Help platform launched

A comprehensive help platform has been launched in Minhang's Pujiang Town. The platform includes five sections: living, medical, employment, housing and others. With the intelligent and informative construction of this comprehensive help system, Pujiang residents in need have a new way of seeking help.

Book exchange program

The Kangcheng Mobile Library has resumed operation since June in communities in the Kangcheng area. With half of the books coming from local residents, the book exchange platform makes book reading easier. On return, the books are disinfected and sorted to keep them hygienic and safe.

Robotic PCR- test station

Cloudminds, in the Shanghai Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Innovation Pilot Zone, is co-working with three partners on a robotic intelligent PCR-test station. The station integrates face recognition, infrared temperature measurement, digital sentries, health code recognition, a robotic arm and other intelligent devices which can be quickly mobilized for crowded areas.

Renovation resumes

Work on the Zizhu Digital Plaza renovation project, the first "COVID-19-free" construction site in Wujing Town in Minhang, has resumed. With the continuous high temperatures in Shanghai, the project managers have taken measures to minimize the potentially dangerous risks of the heat.

Minhang Today

The Shanghai Jinjiang Amusement Park returns this summer. Visitors can play double-decker carousel and on the pirate ship, or enter a fairy tale world of magic light, and enjoy Ferris wheel-shaped ice cream.

An exhibition at the Minhang Museum features the Chang'an City from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), covering everything from the architectural layout of the city to the life of residents.

The Minhang Sports Park has reopened this month. The park has implemented many anti-COVID-19 measures such as restricting the flow of visitors.

The Miracle Garden in the Pujiang Country Park is open again. Entry is free for now and visitors can enjoy the flowers, the mini-train, bicycles and eateries.

Minhang Culture

Moments of Minhang District in July 2022
Ti Gong

Ancient Wisteria Park

The park at 148 Lincang Road in Minhang District used to be the site of a town renowned for its wisteria. Dong Yiyang, a poet in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), loved wisteria and planted some in the area. After he passed away, people paid tribute to him and tended the wisterias so well that the dense wisteria trees shaded an entire street that later developed into a bustling town.

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