Enjoy bucolic summer days in the great outdoors

Zhu Yuting
With lockdown behind us, more and more people are flocking the the countryside to camp, pick fruit, go boating or just hang out with friends and family to enjoy nature.
Zhu Yuting
Enjoy bucolic summer days in the great outdoors
Gu Shunli

People go camping by the waters of Dianshan Lake.

Post-lockdown, camping outside on a nice summer's day has become popular in Qingpu District.

Have you ever imaged a scene of friends and families sitting together, chatting and having a barbecue in festive atmosphere, tents in a rainbow of different colors lined up one by one?

That's a typical scene by the waters of Dianshan Lake, where visitors can go camping amid greenery, relax and enjoy the local home-stay service.

In Jinze Ancient Town, the Old Barn, a farm which has become a popular tourist destination, attracts visitors from all over the city to enjoy a local camping outing.

On the grass which is full of vitality, a couple of friends set up tents, spread moisture-proof mats on the ground, put up small strings of lights, set out folding tables and chairs, picnic mats, cooking utensils ...

Toasting with friends and talking about life with country views, blue skies and white clouds, that could be described as a wonderful moment of life.

As the Old Barn used to be a farm with 160 mu (11 hectares) of paddy fields, it connects the urban and rural places of the district, and is also an important part of Qingpu's rural revitalization.

The beautiful natural views of the place, far away from the city's hustle and bustle, are breathtaking. Visitors can fish, pick fruit, go boating and camp out.

The Old Barn will further integrate with local villages in the future, relying on the unique local culture of Jiangnan – the area south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River – water towns, and explore new ways for visitors to experience an outdoor lifestyle.

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