Summer is alive and kicking around Minhang District

Zhou Xiaoran Yang Yang
Catch up on the latest Minhang news, from a new e-sports center and commercial area to an art exhibition and "sky oceanarium."
Zhou Xiaoran Yang Yang

Festival aims to get shoppers spending

Summer is alive and kicking around Minhang District

The Jinjiang Amusement Park is illuminated alongside Humin Elevated Road in Minhang District. The city's annual shopping festival is underway to attract shoppers and boost consumer spending. The park and neighboring Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall are jointly offering coupons worth 1.8 billion yuan (US$264 million) to attract tourists and shoppers. The campaign will last through the end of the year.

Garden of emotions

Summer is alive and kicking around Minhang District
Mao Haiping / Ti Gong

A commuter walks past an LED display at TODTIME Public Art Space in Xinzhuang South Transit Hub where "Emotion Garden," a digital art installation exhibition is ongoing. The show marks the 30th anniversary of the merging of old Minhang District and Shanghai County into the new existing Minhang District. The LED display is a public art installation "time++" by visual artist Raven Kwok. Visitors, while having a visual feast relating to history and culture of Minhang in the past three decades, can appreciate the aesthetics of computer generative art. The exhibition runs through October 31.

News in Brief

New eSports venue

Shanghai International NCC & E-Sports Center will set up a shot in the Hongqiao area. The project, invested by Guangzhou Super Gen Investment Co Ltd, the parent company of the well-known Chinese eSports club EDG, will be one of the largest single investment projects in the global eSports industry and become a new mecca for eSports fans.

The dream is alive

A new shopping complex, Dream Gala, is expected to open next May in Meilong Town. In addition to entertainment, shopping and dining, it will feature Shanghai's first "sky oceanarium" with more than 300 different marine animals and related activities.

Global R&D center

Xinzhuang-based Shanghai Amphenol Airwave Communication Electronics Co Ltd has recently been recognized as a global research and development center by Shanghai Commerce Commission, becoming the first of its sort in Minhang and the eighth in Shanghai. Down the ride, the foreign-funded company will carry out global R&D operations in areas such as wireless terminals.

Relief from the heat

The scorching weather has been a major challenge for pandemic-prevention workers. Minhang neighborhood committees have provided heat relief in the way of cold drinks, ice bricks, ice bags and other cooling materials.

Innovation landmark

Jiatong Summer Park, a major industrial project in southern Minhang, has accelerated construction to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 resurgence and is expected to wrap up by 2025. The creative park will be another science and innovation landmark in the neoBay startup community.

'Shanghai Express'

On July 28, a China-Europe freight train "Shanghai Express" set out from Minhang Station embarking on its maiden trip to the central European areas. The train, carrying 50 containers loaded with home appliances, building materials and food including Chinese tea, will travel two weeks before arriving in the terminals at Almaty of Kazakhstan and Tashkent of Uzbekistan.

Commercial project

Located in the Xinzhuang Business District, the Pingjin Center, a new commercial project with a total construction area of 120,000 square meters, is in the final stages of construction and expected to complete by the end of this year. Tenants will include well-known coffee brands and international supermarket chains.

A youthful take on art

more than 600 works created by 250-plus young artists from across the country are showcased at the 2022 National Youth Art Invitation Exhibition in Minhang's Haipai Museum.

Minhang Today

This year, Minhang will add 120 hectares of greenland, 45 kilometers of green walkways, 30 community mini parks, among other greenery programs, according to the district's greenery authority.

To meet the city's COVID-19 control and prevention requirements, this year's mutton festival on Qibao Old Street, reflecting the Shanghai tradition of eating mutton and drinking liquor on dog days of summer, is held online. People can order mutton or liquor online from local restaurants.

After implementing pandemic prevention measures, the Junlian Sports Center reopened this month. The center is equipped with a constant-temperature swimming pool, yoga room, multifunctional hall and other facilities.

Minhang Culture

Summer is alive and kicking around Minhang District
Ti Gong

The Jiang Family Residence (now in Huayi Village in Minhang) once housed a late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) scholar, Jiang En, and his family. Jiang, amiable, smart and a master of fengshui (Chinese geomancy), helped a Shanghai magistrate with levee construction under the Garden Bridge on the Bund and earned a reputation as a reliable advisor. The residence was converted into a soy sauce workshop in 1934, and by 1986 it was reduced to some relics.

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