Construction begins on Shanghai Hongqiao Flower Valley

Hu Min
With an investment of 150 million yuan (US$21.5 million), construction on the Shanghai Hongqiao Flower Valley has begun.
Hu Min

Construction on the Shanghai Hongqiao Flower Valley, a municipal-level key flower industry project in Yangjiazhuang Village of Huaxin Town, started recently.

With a total investment of 150 million yuan (US$21.5 million), the project, which will be turned from the Huaxin Flower Seedlings Nursery, covers 38,715 square meters.

"The Hongqiao Flower Valley is the result of a cooperation between banks and companies and the support of government authorities. It will merge industry development carriers and service platforms including flower and seedling cultivation, one-stop centralized purchase transaction, urban gardening and suburban immersive leisure experiences," said Xu Bo, general manager of Shanghai Hongqiao Flower Valley Ecology Science and Technology Co Ltd.

"It will make full play of the advantages of modern agriculture industry and serve regional economic and social development," he added.

The project will be developed into a municipal-level flower industry demonstration park. Its functions will include one-stop online and offline transaction, landscape design and construction, horticulture technology innovation and exchange, urban gardening and suburban immersive leisure experiences, and clean energy application.

It will be turned into a green industry park, adopting the use of clean energy and boosting green consumption.

Looking forward, the flower valley will be built into a horticulture center in the Yangtze River Delta region as well as a highlight of Qingpu's modern agriculture industry development.

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