What's happening in Minhang District in June

Yang Yang
A review of the past June unfolds fun activities in Minhang including rice transplanting in the fields of Zhuanqiao and Ordos bronze relics exhibition at the district museum.
Yang Yang

Farm fun for kids

What's happening in Minhang District in June
Zhuan Xiaohe / Ti Gong

Children ride onboard a rice transplanter with a farmer to experience the power of modern agriculture in the fields of Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District. This was part of various farm activities held to celebrate "Grain in Ear," the ninth of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, which marks the arrival of the sowing season and fell on June 5 this year.

Ancient glories on show

What's happening in Minhang District in June

A gold crown featuring an eagle that dates back to the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) is one of the highlights of the ongoing Ordos bronze cultural relics exhibition held at the Minhang District Museum. The exhibition, which showcases over 300 exquisite artifacts highlighting the bronze civilization of the north China nomadic tribes from 2,000 years ago, will run until mid-August.

News in Brief

Exceptional air quality

Minhang's air quality was exceptional last year, with an AQI of 88.5 percent and 323 days noted for excellent air quality, according to the district government. The concentration of PM2.5 decreased to 26 micrograms per cubic meter, which is a 10.3 percent reduction from the previous year. All 20 surface water monitoring sites met the standards, and 75 percent of water was classified as Grade III. The quality of agricultural soil was also good. Furthermore, regional noise pollution was effectively controlled and remained stable, highlighting a healthy ecology.

Unit key in space landing

Shanghai Aerospace No. 8 Institute in Minhang played a key role in the successful landing of the Shenzhou-15 manned spacecraft on the Dongfeng Landing Site on June 4. Its 804 division developed the landing search and beacon unit which served as the guide for the air and ground search, providing beacon signals and positional information in the event of both normal and emergency landings. Additionally, the return capsule's landing retro-propulsion system was engineered by the 806 division. When the return capsule descended to approximately 1 meter off the ground, four landing retro-thrusters were activated, ensuring precise braking and reducing the descending speed further after the chute slowed down the fall.

Carbon-neutral building

The Xinmin Vanke Park in Xinzhuang Town is set to become Minhang's first carbon-neutral building. Located at 305 Qixin Road, it was once the site of the well-known landmark building, Xinmin Hotel, which held memories for generations of people. After three years of demolition and reconstruction, the new Xinmin Vanke Park was officially completed in 2022. The building not only features outdoor balconies filled with greenery but also includes a surrounding garden designed to reserve space for trees such as ginkgo, elm and rosemary, along with wooden benches for people to rest.

Smoke-free canteen

Minhang is constructing its first-ever smoke-free community canteen, offering more diverse, personalized and convenient dining options to its elderly population while reducing disturbances to nearby residents. The smoke-free canteen, located in the Blue Harbor residential complex in the Gumei Road Subdistrict, uses intelligent equipment for steaming, boiling and baking to prepare meals, replacing the traditional frying process which often results in significant smoke emissions. The canteen is expected to be completed by early August with a daily capacity to serve over 500 people and provide three meals a day.

XYZRobotics open day

a technology company, XYZRobotics, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 5 to mark the launch of its new headquarters in Minhang District's Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. The company's primary focus is on promoting the full autonomous perception and flexible operation of robots.

Minhang Today

The 7th Guanghua Road Creative Park Graffiti Festival was held as part of the Zhuanqiao Cultural and Creative Talent Week activities. Visitors can immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere found on every corner of the old factory-turned industrial park. This year's graffiti fest will also feature ethnic minority elements.

Bike-sharing company HelloBike launched a "City Cleaner" campaign in Shanghai this month to target illegal advertisements on streetlight poles, walls and even shared bikes. Citizens can collect five such ads to win a one-day free ride of a HelloBike, 10 for three-day free ride, 20 for one-week free riding, and 50 for one-month free ride.

Early summer marks the peak flowering season for hydrangeas. Known for their brilliant and diverse colors and long flowering period, hydrangeas are widely planted in parks and green spaces in Minhang, including the Meilong Ecological Park, Pujiang Country Park and the nearby Songshu Popo Pocket Park.

Maqiao Old Town

What's happening in Minhang District in June
Ti Gong

The town used to have Renshou Bridge on its eastern river, with Dashiqiao Bridge on the Xiashagang River to the west. The area between the two bridges was the oldest market street in the region. Nearby, visitors can find the Wanshou Temple, built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), as well as the Immaculate Conception Chapel, dating back to the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

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