Investment and professionals main targets

Li Qian
Jing'an has beefed up efforts to attract investors and talented personnel to support its development.
Li Qian

Jing’an has beefed up efforts to attract investors and talented personnel to support its development.

On June 2, a promotional event to seek foreign investment for the district was held in London.

The event was co-held by the China-Britain Business Council, Alternative Investment Management Association, Bank of China London Branch, Guotai Jun’an Securities and the Han Kun Law Offices.

Investment and professionals main targets

A promotional event is held in London on June 2 to seek foreign investment for Jing’an.

As one of Shanghai’s most international districts, Jing’an is widely considered as the preferred entry point for foreign business into Shanghai and China, according to District Director Wang Hua.

Currently, Jing’an ranks the first in foreign-related economy scale in Shanghai. By the end of January, 114 regional headquarters of multinational corporations were in Jing’an, with 36 of them being headquarters for China and above, such as the Asia-Pacific region.

Areas along the Suzhou Creek are now also being developed into a global assets management hub.

According to Wang, more European companies want to invest in Jing’an to support its development, especially in sectors like global assets management and global consumption hub.

In a separate move, a talent award ceremony was held on June 8 at Shanghai Exhibition Hall to honor 100 outstanding talented personnel.

According to the District Party Secretary Yu Yong, Jing’an is craving for talent more than any other period amid its goal to build an outstanding international district. He noted that high-end overseas talented personnel are especially needed.

At the ceremony, a set of 48 major projects to attract and foster talent were revealed. One highlight is a “global partner” program.

It is designed based on Jing’an-based Shanghai-China Industry Park of Human Resources Service.

It aims to gather the world’s leading human resources services companies to introduce high-end talent in key industries, which include integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and biological medicine; and explore to build an influential human resources center in the Yangtze River Delta.

Investment and professionals main targets

A talent award ceremony on June 8 honors 100 outstanding talented personnel in Jing’an.

By the end of 2022, 326 human resources companies have been based in Jing’an, including more than 40 multinational companies and domestic giants. They have served talent in more than 180 countries and regions. Last year, they brought in revenues of 52.4 billion yuan (US$7.3 billion), a year-on-year increase of 37.6 percent.

Ten of them were included on the district’s list of recommended human resources companies, which was unveiled during the ceremony. They include CGP, CGL, Atomic Group, and Heidrick & Struggles. They serve talent in industries such as life science, new-energy vehicles, smart manufacturing, semiconductor, and fast-moving consumer goods.

Another highlight is an “industrial forum cluster” program.

In its first year, it would include three of the district’s reputable forums: Forbes China Jing’an West Nanjing Road Forum, Global Asset Management Forum Shanghai Suhewan Summit and Meiyuan Talk HR Executive Community.

The three forums would be built as a magnet for high-end industrial talented personnel and attract them to support local development.

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