An exotic escape: Discovering the exotic charm in Yexie

Tan Weiyun
The manor located in Maqiao Village creates a whole new themed park, blending the culture of Xinjiang with the picturesque countryside scenery, adding a new charm to rural tourism.
Tan Weiyun

A western Chinese region-style manor in the southern bank of Huangpu River has launched its soft opening, offering ethnic minority dance performances and unique local cuisine.

With its exotic architecture, the manor located in Maqiao Village, Yexie Town, creates a whole new themed park, blending the culture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with the picturesque countryside scenery of the Huangpu River, adding a new charm to rural tourism.

Covering an area of 4.8 hectares, the manor is surrounded by lush trees and a tranquil lake. The massive natural lawn offers a leisurely atmosphere, ideal for various open-air team building and entertainment activities.

An exotic escape: Discovering the exotic charm in Yexie
Zhang Li

The interior of a Mongolian yurt at the manor in Yexie Town

The Mongolian yurt and colorful stables have been designed to have various functions. The yurt serves as a themed restaurant that can accommodate dining needs for 10-20 people. In the stables, there are rest areas where patrons can freshen up and take a break. In addition, the glass music bar, outdoor barbecue area and other spaces have also been set up. Xinjiang folk songs, dances and bonfire parties will also be staged, allowing customers to fully enjoy the exotic charm.

"We're offering catering services," said the manager Luo Xinqin. "In the future, we'll explore more possibilities, such as having wedding banquets, hosting conferences and promoting rehabilitation service."

With the opening of the manor in Maqiao Village, the local farmers have also embarked on a new path to prosperity. The vegetables and fruits they grow have supplied to the manor, and many other agricultural products are also available for sale.

With the support of the government, the manor has become an important part of the rural tourism sector in Yexie Town.

"We hope that, with the natural and high-quality ecological resources in the town, and the thriving rural tourism industry, the manor could become a unique destination for people to enjoy delicious food and entertainment in the countryside," said an official with Yexie.

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