Events in Minhang District are for everyone

Yang Yang
It's a bustling September as we had a group wedding at the Minhang District Marriage Registration Center and a culinary maestros battle at Jinjiang Amusement Park.
Yang Yang

Culinary maestros battle it out at fest

Events in Minhang District are for everyone
Ti Gong

Members of two star chef teams, one from Jin Jiang Tower Hotel and the other from Jinjiang Metropolo Minhang Hotel, prepare soup during the Chef King PK Competition at Jinjiang Amusement Park in Minhang District on September 17, kicking off the Jiangnan Foodie Festival. The annual Minhang Tourism Festival will feature more than 50 activities over 20 days, including sightseeing, shopping, music and a spectacular float parade.

50 couples celebrate love

Events in Minhang District are for everyone
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Fifty couples in Shanghai celebrate their love in a truly unique way at the Minhang District Marriage Registration Center on September 9. The event marked the city's inaugural charity-themed collective wedding, blending the joy of newlyweds with a heartfelt commitment to philanthropy. This event incorporated numerous elements, including the adoption of micro-wishes, a happiness market charity sale, live sharing of philanthropic stories and a charity concert.

News in Brief

Business zone secured

A "Ping An Alliance" has been officially launched to safeguard the Hongqiao Business District for the China International Import Expo. The Xinhong Subdistrict covers an area of 19.26 square kilometers, of which nearly 19 square kilometers belong to the Hongqiao Business District. It is the world's largest comprehensive transportation hub, and hosts a number of headquarters and trade institutions of domestic and foreign enterprises. Since the pilot launch of the alliance in the region in 2022, which composed of more than 1,000 security personnel and volunteers, the number of dialing 110 for emergency assistance had dropped by 41.4 percent, and total funds related to telecom network frauds had decreased by 79.6 percent, compared with that in 2021.

Volunteer program

To better serve the 2023 Shanghai Rolex Masters and allow more young people to get close to this pinnacle of the tennis world, Juss Sports launched a volunteer recruitment this year. It will recruit approximately 300 college students in Shanghai and young employees in Juss group. The new image of volunteers "Xiaoqingti" – features a green grape – showcases the youthful and dynamic sports atmosphere, and conveys the spirit of volunteer service of dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress. Qizhong Tennis Center in Minhang will hold the event from October 2 to 15.

Maqiao on song

Maqiao Town in Minhang recently signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Huju Opera Theater, in which the two parties agreed to deepen exchanges and cooperation to promote Huju Opera and Shanghai dialect. Maqiao has been known as the "Home of Huju Opera" for a long time. The opera theater will provide professional guidance and support such as dialect teaching, talent training, Huju Opera appreciation, original play creation and cultural brand promotion, to contribute to the innovative development of Huju Opera in Maqiao.

Longest rail loop

Shanghai is planning to construct the country's longest rail transit loop line, the Metro Line 26, which will cover nearly 80 kilometers. The planned Line 26 will consist of a main loop and several branch lines, with a total length of 77.87 kilometers and 56 stations. Its main loop line will be about 70.66 kilometers long and will have a total of 50 stations, starting from Zhenjin Road Station in Baoshan District. It will pass through 10 districts including Baoshan, Jing'an, Hongkou, Yangpu, Pudong, Xuhui, Minhang, Changning, Putuo and Jiading. This will effectively ease the passenger flow pressure in the city center. Currently, the longest urban subway loop line in China is Beijing's Line 10, which spans 57.1 kilometers, and the longest urban subway loop line under construction is Wuhan's Line 12, which is 59.9 kilometers long.

'Purr-fect' solution

Xindong Liangwan Community in Xinzhuang Town has solved the problem of stray cats in the neighborhood through the community's smart monitoring platform, onsite survey, and a resident deliberation platform. After multiple rounds of negotiations, a solution that involves capturing and neutering the cats, raising funds, seeking adoption, and feeding them regularly has received approval by residents.

Minhang Today

A float parade celebrating the 2023 Shanghai Tourism Festival was held in Qibao Ancient Town on September 20 between 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Sixteen festooned vehicles passed through the crossing between Caobao and Minzhu roads before proceeding forward along Minzhu Road until they reached Hengli Road N.

The highly popular exhibition "Celebrate Together!" by Florentijn Hofman will run through October 8 at Minhang's Powerlong Museum. The exhibition focuses on the theme of "celebration," believing that it plays a vital role in uniting human communities and strengthening ties. In this Shanghai exhibition, the artist also showcased his latest artwork "The Birthday Cat," a giant cat made up of balloons and measuring nearly 20 meters long, exclusively for his Shanghai fans.

Qizhong Village in Maqiao Town will have a new movie theater this October. Equipped with a maximum-width anti-reflective silver screen, it has 70 seats and two accessible wheelchair seats for the convenience of disabled viewers.

Minhang Culture

Events in Minhang District are for everyone
Ti Gong

Qibao Teahouse, at No. 7 and 9 Nandajie Street, Qibao Town, was bustling with activities in the 1930s. Today, the storefront of the building serves as a teahouse, and its main hall has been served as a storytelling hall. The venue has been listed as a cultural relic protection site of Minhang District.

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