Starry, starry nights in Jing'an District

Li Qian
The lights are on to welcome the Year of the Dragon and transform the landscape into a glittering array of creative illuminations to delight residents and visitors alike.
Li Qian
Starry, starry nights in Jing'an District

The nights in Jing'an are shining brighter than ever during the winter holiday season.

In a series of New Year celebrations, the iconic commercial street of Nanjing Road W. is switching on, reminding people of the illuminations at Japan's Roppongi Hills.

Its section between Changde Road and Shaanxi Road is lit up with sparkling blue and white LEDs, resembling a starry night.

The 750-meter-long section is also lined with trees decorated with crystal balls which use dynamic holographic projections to display different images to fit different occasions.

The images on display to welcome the Year of the Dragon included fireworks, lanterns and other festive elements.

At the intersection of Nanjing Road W. and Yongyuan Road, there's a new light installation designed in the shape of a spiral and flower petals. A bull-shaped light installation is erected at the intersection of Nanjing Road W. and Fengyang Road.

Suhe Bay, the district's waterfront areas along the Suzhou Creek, is also switching on.

Colorful light displays illuminate the 4.7-kilometer north bank from Yuanjing Road to Henan Road M. Bridge, and the 1.6-kilometer south bank from Anyuan Road to Chengdu Road N.

Butterfly Bay Park is turned into an outdoor theater with spectacular light displays on show by moonlight, where lights create a fairy tale of flying butterflies, jumping squirrels and falling leaves wreathed in smoke. And it feels like the stars were twinkling on the ground.

The nearby Changping Road Bridge, hailed as "Eye of Suzhou Creek" due to its eye-shaped design, is bathed in soft light, as is a bridge over the cloud.

Underneath the North-South Elevated Road, lights "draw" Van Gogh's "Starry Night." It features twinkling stars and flying fireflies.

Across the district, renowned historical buildings are lit up with gold lights to create an elegant vibe and add some golden outlines to the skyline. They include Jing'an Temple, Moller Villa, Shanghai Exhibition Center, the former site of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Jing'an Children's Library.

Residents on Julu Road can enjoy a beautiful light landscape just on their doorstep.

A street lamp and a light installation on a wall, covered in shades decorated with stained glass, "draw" the famous painting "The Moon Falls a Thousand Times" by Naeemeh Naeemaei. Through the stained glass, lights create images of flower petals and crescent moons on the ground.

It is part of a one-year renovation that has recently transformed a man-made greenland waste at Julu Road and Fumin Road into a garden. With its mosaic tiles and stained-glass decorations, the garden evokes old Shanghai and remains a beloved spot for coffee and photographs.

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