10 major projects in 2024 to improve local people's livelihood

Li Qian
Jing'an District has announced 10 major projects in 2024 to improve local people's livelihood.
Li Qian
10 major projects in 2024 to improve local people's livelihood
Ti Gong

A senior citizen is taken care of at an elderly care center. – Xiao Mingliang

1) "Beautiful Home" campaign

A total of 1 million square meters of old buildings and neighborhoods will be repaired and renovated, including facelifts of the facades, upgrades of sewage systems, and improvement of community facilities. Two hundred elevators will be installed in old, multi-story residential buildings.

2) "Beautiful Block" campaign

Seventeen roads will be repaired, for which surface drainage will be improved and overhead wire will go underground. Two projects to optimize parking sites will be launched, 90 shared parking sites will be added, and 400 public charging piles will be installed. A total of 57,000 square meters of public greenery, two kilometers of walkable green lanes, three pocket parks, and 25,000 square meters of vertical greenery will be added. In addition, 50 toilets will be improved to cater to the needs of the elderly and babies.

3) Improve traffic safety

A total of 64 LED road signs will be added to public roads. A total of 24 deacceleration studs will be installed on road intersections, and 243 deacceleration lanes will be built at the entrance of residential communities. Charging stations will be renovated in 40 residential communities. Fire detection and alarm devices will be installed in the homes of 8,000 elderly residents who live alone. There will also be installation of 6,000 devices which can warn of illegal e-bike charging.

4) Elderly care

A total of 172 beds for elderly care, two "intelligent" nursing homes, one community comprehensive elderly care service center, two community canteens for the elderly, and one daycare center for the elderly will be built. Meanwhile, 300 famiy homes will undergo adaptations for the needs of the senior occupants.

5) Help the needy

Medical services will be offered to at least 2,500 disabled people. Barrier-free renovations will be made at 400 homes with disabled people, and 100 wheelchair-accessible ramps will be built in residential communities for the elderly.

6) Improve employment

A total of 15 community employment service stations will be built, and 500 postings will be offered to young job seekers.

7) Education

A total of 15 parenting guidance stations will be built. A platform that integrates parenting and schooling will be built, embedded with a class database that aims to benefit 100,000 students. Fifty-five "Love Summer Care" camps for primary school students will be opened during the two-month summer vacation period to relieve the burden on working parents.

8) Medical service

One community rehabilitation center and two community health management centers will be built. Six large free medical consulting sessions will be held on doorsteps in communities. At least 45 percent of residents will have their own general practitioners.

9) Cultural services and sports facilities

A total of 160,000 discounted film tickets will be distributed to the public. There will be seven new spots for the Citizen Night School. An outdoor fitness space and three community fitness centers will be built. One jogging lane will be built and two existing ones will be upgraded. Three public sports fields will be built, and one renovated. District stadiums, particularly swimming pools, badminton courts, and table tennis facilities, will be made available to 150,000 residents at reduced prices.

10) Food supply

Two wet markets will be standardized, and two dining places designed to offer lunch to office workers will have their services improved.

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