Bask in the warmth of the fire and savor scented tea

Zhu Yile
A new winter custom called "gather around the stove to make tea" entails spending time with close friends by the fire and enjoying the scent of tea.
Zhu Yile

A new winter ritual known as “gathering around the stove to make tea” involves spending time with close friends by the fire, enjoying each other’s company and delighting in the delicious scents of tea, roasted chestnuts, persimmons and baked sweet potatoes. When it comes to gathering around to make tea, the charcoal stove has replaced the traditional fire pit, as Shanghai Daily finds out.

Bask in the warmth of the fire and savor scented tea

Tongji Town Wojia Neighborhood Center

Tongji Town Wojia Neighborhood Center has created a calm sanctuary in the courtyard where neighbors can congregate around the stove to enjoy tea, in addition to providing a range of practical services.

Bright lanterns, lush vegetation and wooden tables and chairs that give off a distinctly Chinese courtyard vibe welcome visitors as soon as they enter the place.

In this warm and friendly setting, taking a sip and having heartfelt chats with dear friends gives the impression that time is slowing down.

Life can be hectic. Amid hustle, taking a break to step outside, appreciating the art of slow living, and laughing and telling stories with friends can be a rejuvenating experience.

Time: 9am-9pm (call 13661628725 for reservations)

Address: Bldg 68, 188 Shuowang Rd


Bask in the warmth of the fire and savor scented tea

Chuqidi Teahouse

Nestled on the Anting Old Street, Chuqidi offers a sweet combination of tea, drinks, food and music.

With a large screen and a well-appointed bar counter, the first floor captivates and provides a cozy space for small gatherings. Meanwhile, an enormous open terrace on the second floor creates a stylistic contrast.

Gathering with loved ones by the fire, brewing a pot of fragrant tea, and roasting sweet potatoes, longans and oranges are all activities perfect for spending quality time together.

Enjoy the old street’s charm and the gentle diffusion of tea aroma. During the day, bask in the sunlight, and at night, the camping lights create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Time: 10:30am-10pm (call 15900474399 for reservations)

Address: 716 Anting Street


Bask in the warmth of the fire and savor scented tea

Yue’erju Teahouse

“Jiu xiang bu pa xiang zi shen” is an old Chinese saying which means “a good wine needs no bush.” The same principle applies to tea.

On Xinyuan Road, an elegant and serene teahouse quietly graces the cityscape.

With its simple wooden tables and chairs and a wall that is decorated with a variety of teapots and clay jars, the interior exudes an aura of antiquity that makes it a pleasant place to drink tea.

Customers can personalize their tea by adding favorites, such as pear and tangerine peel.

According to the Yue’erju manager, this procedure results in a more fragrant tea with a subtle sweetness.

Time: 10am-10pm (call 13044117152 for reservations)

Address: Bldg 15, 66 Xinyuan Rd


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