Visions for Jing'an's future outlined by its prominent citizens

Li Qian
From upgrading of industrial parks to more services for the elderly there is no shortage of proposals to enhance the benefits of living in the district and improve lifestyles.
Li Qian
Visions for Jing'an's future outlined by its prominent citizens

Jing'an District

Some of the district's lawmakers and political advisers put forward their suggestions toward a better Jing'an.

Li Linbo (vice secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhijiang Road W. Subdistrict):

"More efforts should be paid to integrate upgrading of industrial parks with urban renewal. Favorable policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship are urgently needed to make Jing'an the first entry point for investments to Shanghai. Urban resilience should also be paid great attention, such as better using artificial intelligence to reduce risks in urban management."

Zhuang Zhuojia (president of Shanghai Autumn Light Asset Management Co):

"How to further promote commercial innovation and industrial upgrade really concerns me. It's better to strengthen official support for emerging industries such as the digital economy. I also care about international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, which can help better integrate the district to the global innovation landscape."

Zhang Yun (vice president of Shanghai Shixi High School):

"Some pilot programs such as tuition-free high schools can be tried in Jing'an as to further release the burden of students and their families."

Chen Jiaxin (director of communications and corporate affairs at L'Oréal China):

"I focus more on the life of elders in this digital age. I found that not a few senior citizens prefer to use stored value cards than their mobile phones when taking Metro trains. While currently, many Metro stations don't provide manual services to help them recharge their cards with cash. So, I suggest providing manual services in some aging communities."

Wang Lechen (deputy head of Zhongxingcai Guanghua Certified Public Accountants):

"I hope to see more favorable polices on tax reduction. I'm also looking forward to having more detailed and personalized services from governments to help firms to get rooted and operate well in Jing'an."

Zhao Xin (partner of Group):

"Figures show Jing'an has nearly 310,000 residents aged 60 and over, which accounts for 31.6 percent of the total population. And hearing loss is ranked by WHO as the second-largest handicap among the elderly with a considerable impact on quality of life. So, I suggest launching free screening for elders."

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