SIFF EXPLORE is seeking entries for short films

Xu Wei
The SIFF EXPLORE section of the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival is seeking short film submissions.
Xu Wei
SIFF EXPLORE is seeking entries for short films

Young filmmakers attended the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival's mentor forum last year.

The upcoming 26th Shanghai International Film Festival's SIFF EXPLORE section is seeking global entries for short films.

Short films of up to 5 minutes in duration can be registered on the film festival's official website ( until March 31. They can include a variety of genres, such as films, animations, documentaries, and experimental works.

At the event in June, 20 outstanding finalists from the 50 selected films will receive special recommendation awards.

They will be invited to participate in different SIFF EXPLORE activities, such as on-site promotion, mentor forum, exploration class, post-training, and the Golden Goblet Awards red carpet and ceremony.

SIFF EXPLORE, as a key component of the film festival's new talent cultivation approach, seeks to identify new film talent and creative works.

It allows young filmmakers to experiment, learn, and collaborate in the film industry.

Since its inception in 2019, SIFF EXPLORE has had four consecutive editions. Many cinema professionals, including Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng, rising filmmaker Mai Zi, and screenwriter Yuan Yuan, have been invited to serve as mentors for this team.

SIFF EXPLORE is seeking entries for short films

Winning short film directors walked the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival's red carpet last year.

Registration notice

1. Running time: 5 minutes;

2. Filming time: April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024;

3. Genre: Feature, documentary, animation, experimental, etc.

4. Quality: MOV or MP4 in high-definition format, 1080p HD (encoded with H.264), and compliant with the screening requirements for 2K;

5. Aspect ratio: Either landscape or portrait orientation;

6. Applicant: The creator who owns the copyright to the work or its authorized representative. Each work can only be submitted by one main creator;

7. Registration time: December 16, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

For the regulations of SIFF EXPLORE of the 26th SIFF, please visit the "SIFF EXPLORE" module on the official website of SIFF (

Applicants can apply online through the "SIFF EXPLORE" module on the official website.

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