Zhang Wenzhou: I'm used to living alone

Nowadays, food delivery men play an important role in our daily lives with the fast development of take-away apps, but we don't often stop to think of their lives.

Nowadays, food delivery men play an important role in our daily lives with the fast development of take-away apps and technology. However, because of the high demands of the take-away food industry, delivering food has become one of the most dangerous and arduous jobs – food needs to be delivered, rain or shine.

In Shanghai, there are a large number of food delivery men working day and night, and most of them are from provinces around China. Zhang Wenzhou is one of them...

Hailing from Anhui Province, Zhang takes orders on a take-away app at the North Sichuan Road Bridge in Hongkou District. Usually he works late into the evening, making less than 10 yuan (US$1.47) for every order he successfully collects and delivers. 

Zhang has been making a living by doing odd jobs for the past two years since he came to Shanghai. He calls his parents back home once every month.

“I’m used to living alone, but you know, having a family is important to me,” he says. “Because of my job, I hardly have time to socialize and meet girls. I have tried blind dating several times, but they didn’t work out. Maybe next time I will be lucky.”

Directed, filmed and edited by Tang Dafei, with some editing by Sophie Wang.

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