CNS partners with China Eastern Airlines for anniversary flight

Xu Wei
A special CNS-themed flight event is planned for November 7 to celebrate the platform's first anniversary.
Xu Wei
CNS partners with China Eastern Airlines for anniversary flight

City News Service (CNS), the all-in-one platform that provides news and various information for expats in Shanghai, is excited to celebrate its first anniversary in partnership with China Eastern Airlines. To celebrate this significant milestone, a special CNS-themed flight event is planned for November 7.

The initiative demonstrates CNS's commitment to expand its services to users even before they arrive in Shanghai. The goal is to make the city more friendly, open, convenient, and diverse for all residents.

Passengers on select flights from London to Shanghai will get a one-of-a-kind experience as part of this exciting program. Each passenger will receive a customized CNS boarding pass and souvenirs such as a passport holder and luggage tag to enhance their travel experience.

Passengers can express their best wishes and provide ideas to CNS by writing on specially created postcards commemorating the platform's first anniversary. They can also take part in a memorable photo shoot with banners that represent their relationship to CNS and the city of Shanghai.

It is noteworthy that during the winter-spring flight season, in-flight Wi-Fi service will be accessible on all of the airline's 100-plus wide-body aircraft. Passengers have the option to select from various Wi-Fi service plans to suit their specific requirements. The airline has upgraded its Wi-Fi technology to ensure a stable and uninterrupted connection for passengers throughout the flight. On routes where Wi-Fi service is provided, passengers can connect to the Internet immediately after takeoff, without the need to wait for the aircraft to reach its cruising altitude.

CNS partners with China Eastern Airlines for anniversary flight

CNS-theme flight commemorative boarding pass

Passengers on board the CNS themed flight can, upon takeoff, easily connect to the City News Service homepage ( via in-flight Wi-Fi, embarking on a journey to explore life in Shanghai. On the seat-back screens, passengers can watch an animated video about CNS. From December this year to January next year, the CNS "Living Guide" series videos will also be implanted into the airplane's entertainment system.

Furthermore, China Eastern Airlines Magazine will provide travelers with a dedicated introduction to CNS, allowing them to experience the rich and comprehensive services it provides.

The CNS themed flight operates in accordance with the 2023-2024 winter-spring flight season initiated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China since October 29. China Eastern Airlines intends to operate 3,076 passenger flights daily in the new flight season, significantly increasing its seat capacity to 24.84 billion passenger-kilometers per month.

CNS partners with China Eastern Airlines for anniversary flight

Additionally, the airline plans to expand its international and regional flight offerings to reach 1,084 flights per week, which corresponds to approximately 78.6 percent of the 2019 levels.

China Eastern will maintain its commitment to opening new international routes and reinstating international flights on previous routes during the winter-spring flight season. Among the notable plans are the introduction of new routes, such as connections between Shanghai and Cairo;Shanghai and Vientiane;Hangzhou and Auckland;Hangzhou, Sydney, and Auckland;Wenzhou and Madrid;Jinan and Sydney,;as well as Beijing Daxing International Airport and Haneda Airport.

The airline has already resumed international flights on routes connecting Shanghai and San Francisco;Shanghai and Brisbane;Shanghai and Nagasaki;Yanji and Inchon;Xi'an, Qingdao, and Inchon;and Hohhot, Kunming, and Yangon starting on October 29.

In late November of this year, China Eastern will further reestablish flights on additional international routes, including services between Shenzhen and Bangkok, as well as between Lanzhou and Bangkok.

The Shanghai Information Office has provided support and guidance for the CNS-themed flight activities, ensuring a remarkable and enriching experience for passengers.

Since its inception on November 8, 2022, CNS has expanded into a multidimensional platform, providing authoritative, timely, and practical news and information services geared to the Shanghai expat community. CNS has effectively reached its primary user base through a variety of offline operations.

CNS columns such as "Policy Spotlight," "Living Guide," "Insider's Guide," "Chic & Savory," "What's On," and "Weekend Escape" have played an important part in supporting expats in easily blending into urban life and embracing local culture.

Shanghai has always drawn international talent and served as a hub for expatriates in this dynamic and diverse metropolis. City News Service has been created to function as a gateway for expats working and living in Shanghai by satisfying the specific needs of its expat residents.

It reflects Shanghai's commitment to its large foreign population, embodying the city's culture of openness and inclusivity, and ensuring that expatriates have the resources they need to succeed in this bustling metropolis.

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