Hangzhou video highlights sounds of the city

A video promoting Hangzhou tourism features Chinese-American singer Leehom Wang and introduces the city to a worldwide audience.

Leehom Wang listens and records sounds in a bamboo forest in Hangzhou.

“Sound of Hangzhou,” a video promoting Hangzhou tourism, highlights the different sounds found in the city – from the rippling water of West Lake at dusk, to broom sweeping in Lingyin Temple at dawn; from the rustling wind blowing through the bamboo forest, to the crisp sound of tea plucking in spring.

The five-minute video also features Chinese-American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang.

To showcase the best of Hangzhou, director Jay Jang and his South Korean team visited the city 10 times in two years. The final version features 30 scenic spots and 20 types of sound to represent the city.

Jang said passing through the Xixi Wetland in a sculling boat on a misty morning was a rare experience for him.

“Hangzhou is a unique city where the ancient meets the modern. When someone mentions it, the first things that come into my mind are the sound of raindrops and its early morning,” said Jang.

Apart from beautiful landscapes, the video also presents the traditional culture of the city.

The ink-wash painting at China Academy of Art, seal engraving at Xiling Seal Arts Society, or traditional Chinese medicine at Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy … these are part of the city’s intangible cultural heritage, but also tourism experiences that Hangzhou has been promoting to global travelers.

The video is available in Chinese and English with more language versions to be released later this year.

“We have invited Leehom Wang as the Hangzhou tourism ambassador. A global promotional campaign for the video will be launched soon, both online and offline,” said Zhao Hongzhong, deputy head of Hangzhou Tourism Commission at a press conference.

Bamboo flute master Wu Zhanghua plays dizi, Chinese flute, in the video.

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