Cooling off by the sea

Arina Yakupova
Jinshan beach is just a short Metro ride from the city and a popular place for families and city residents trying to escape from the urban heat. 
Arina Yakupova

“Do you want to go to the seaside?” sings Luke Pritchard of The Kooks. Yes, why not? Especially in Shanghai's current sizzling heat.  There is a destination close to the city where you can enjoy the beach. 

Cooling off by the sea

Jinshan City Beach is popular with families.

A 10 yuan (US$1.42) ticket on the Metro will take you from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jinshan on Line 22. South Railway Station and for 10 yuan you will get to Jinshan. Then take bus No. 2 or a taxi to the beach. During the summer season you need to pay an entrance fee of 30-50 yuan.

I have been there twice, in summer and winter, to experience the difference. Getting to the beach is quite convenient and quick. Spending two to three hours there is usually enough. 

The first time I arrived at the beach at about 3pm. I wanted to see it in the afternoon and later catch the sunset. Usually, there are a lot of people on the beach in summer, so you have to wait in line to get in. During the summer holidays, Jinshan is a popular place for families — children frolic in the sea and play in the sand while their parents enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company.

If you go further along the shore, you will find a fairly quiet pier where there's almost no one in sight. The sea is really quite picturesque there, so if you are painting enthusiasts, it would be a nice place to be.

Cooling off by the sea
Arina Yakupova

Jinshan's golden beach at sunset.

In winter I went to the sea in February. To my surprise, it wasn't cold. (Maybe that’s because I dressed warmly enough.) The beach was almost empty. There was a sand sculpture exhibition, quite lovely!

The perception of the beach in winter and summer is different, but each time it gives me a refreshing sense and a feeling of being in nature that we sorely miss in the big cities.

Go there and enjoy!

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