Li Anlan

Feature Reporter

The best of fall and crabbing season

It's time to embrace the bold flavors of fall and discover some new twists on the iconic seasonal ingredient.

Sichuan peppercorn, Chinese cuisine's secret weapon

Tongue-numbing and pungent, although Sichuan peppercorns are not palate-friendly if you chew one by accident, the unique spice plays an essential role in Chinese cooking.

No escape from fat of the land

Lard is one thing people can't easily run away from when living in Shanghai.

From 'giant spiders' to favorite dish

China's craze for this seasonal delicacy grows stronger every year and it can be seen everywhere, even making its way into spaghetti and bread.

Look how they've grown! Zoo's baby keepers tell their tales

At Shanghai Zoo, the babies are growing up fast.

Traditional Buddhist cuisine keeps dishes simple

Vegetarian cooking in China originated in Buddhist monasteries and the Chinese culture and lifestyle is still largely influenced by Chinese Buddhism.

Convenient options that come with added sugar

The concept of substitute meals in the form of bars, soups or drinks is gaining popularity in the Chinese market.

Michelin may be finally getting to grips with China

Regardless of the controversies, the Michelin Guide remains an authoritative rating of Shanghai's food and beverage industry that people just cannot overlook.

Starring roles for city's luxury hotels

Directors check in to add glamor to stories designed to delight audiences at home and in the cinema

Fresh and sumptuous seafood goes on the menu

As the major seafood producing regions start to lift the summer fishing ban, bumper harvests of seafood await to take home menus to the next level.