Li Anlan

Feature Reporter

Eating rice balls in a pigsty became a tradition

Before a dish can appeal to the palate, it must first appeal to the eyes.

Handpicked special ingredients put up the price but ensure top quality

Traditional Chinese ingredients like peach gum or honey locust seeds have become more popular. Their unique taste, texture and health benefits have won the hearts of many.

City's zoo helping to save the rhino

Since 2007, two southern white rhinos have been living in Shanghai Zoo's rhino pavilion, Qiangqiang, a male, and female Amei both came from South Africa at the age of 3.

One knife fits all in Chinese style of food preparation

Caidao, a large flat Chinese chopping knife or Chinese chef's knife, is an all-purpose tool that can accomplish most cutting tasks in the kitchen.


'Walking catnip' snaps street cats

With a superpower for finding cats on streets, street cat photographer Wu Hongli is dubbed "walking catnip" by Chinese netizens.

The Twins offers double delight to foodies

Celebrity chef Cornelia Poletto has opened a new restaurant in the global flagship store of German kitchen cutlery brand Zwilling J.A. Henckels in HKRI Taikoo Hui. 

Singapore chef's epiphany in a small Yunnan cafe

Singaporean restaurateur Betty Ng created Ginger in 2005 to serve modern Asian cuisine in Shanghai, but the story of ginger started much earlier in a different city.

Courier apps revolutionize delivery landscape

In recent years, food and beverage delivery services, which is called waimai in Chinese, have become an essential part of the urban lifestyle.

Shanghai Ballet to premier Sleeping Beauty

Shanghai Ballet is set to premier its new "Sleeping Beauty" classical ballet at the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.

It's not just Internet stars, foods are becoming wanghong sensations too

When a product becomes a wanghong ­– the word for an Internet celebrity or an online sensation – people are more than willing to stand in long queues to have a try.