Li Anlan

Feature Reporter

Tasty treats, and useful when the monsters come

Dumplings have long been equated with the Spring Festival, both as a culinary and cultural symbol.

Journalist hits the headlines with his private kitchen

Following years of traveling and investigating stories on the dark side, French journalist and now chef Gil Gonzalez Foerster decided to slow down.

A creative food dish to satisfy a hunger and an inventive drink to quench a thirst

For foodies on their continuous journey to seek out adventurous flavors, two new dishes on the market will leave you salivating.

Decline in eel production puts a popular treat at risk

The loss of one of their favorite dishes is concerning Chinese consumers with the news of a substantial decline in global eel production.

Now you can take your best fur friend in the cabin

Hainan Airlines became the first Chinese airline to allow pet cats and dogs to travel in-cabin with owners last week, something pet lovers have long wanted.

The common hotpot is not as common as you think

On cold winter days, there's nothing more comforting than sitting around a sizzling pot with family and friends.

Meituan-Dianping's Black Pearl is a treasure to rival the Michelin Guide

China's most popular restaurant-review and group-buying services has debuted its own restaurant guide.
Art & Culture

Shining new light on the nation's treasures

A new program on CCTV-3 opens a window into the wonders of cultural exploration, once considered too academic and specialized for ordinary viewers.

Tasty: from saliva chicken to ants climbing a tree

Although most dishes are named after the ingredients, their creator or place of origin, the names of some all-time classics are not only strange, but also a little frightening.

Frog legs jump to the front of Shanghai food trends

In 2010, Zhou Ronghua, founder of Shanghai noodle franchise Fu Gui, added bullfrog noodles to the menu.