Li Anlan

Feature Reporter

Chinese diving duo changing lives, just one shark at a time

After witnessing the loss of whales and sharks in illegal fishing, two young Chinese divers are seeking a new path to change the life of the fishermen and the marine animals.

Can't get enough of stinky durian

China's craving for durian is skyrocketing. The stinky and thorny fruit, known as the king of tropical fruits, has made its way into all kinds of sweet and savory delicacies.

A taste of summer, a bite of chocolate and a journey to finest Japanese sushi

Three top venues for delicious summer treats.

If you can't stand the heat, get into the kitchen

Chinese food therapy in traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes eating the appropriate foods suitable for the season and the body's condition.

Guiding eyes for visually impaired

When Chen Xin takes the subway or bus, her 8-year-old guide dog Ersibin is always by her side.

Choose your ingredients for a taste of Sichuan

The spicy sensations are not only part of the Sichuan food culture and loved by locals, but also traveled across China and gained loyal followers everywhere.

Toasting the World Cup with Goose Island's new beer

Goose Island Brewhouse has just celebrated the launch of a new summer beer, Diaochan, the second of the brewhouse's Chinese Beauty series, after Mistress Li (Li Shishi).

Iconic fish and meat dishes that are fit for emperors

Dishes of the sweet and sour flavor are popular in the summer season, and children especially love them.

Chinese film takes Asian Talent prize

Chinese film"The Road Not Taken" by director Tang Gaopeng won the Best Film at the Asian New Talent Award of the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival on Friday.

Juries for Asian New Talent Award meet press

The juries for the Asian New Talent Award held a meeting with media today during the ongoing 21st Shanghai International Film Festival.