Li Anlan

Feature Reporter

Starring roles for city's luxury hotels

Directors check in to add glamor to stories designed to delight audiences at home and in the cinema

Fresh and sumptuous seafood goes on the menu

As the major seafood producing regions start to lift the summer fishing ban, bumper harvests of seafood await to take home menus to the next level.

Problem needing a civilized solution

The increasing number of stray animals has become a problem in China due to abandoned pets and uncontrolled breeding. What to do about them has long been the subject of debate.

Ancient utensils were not just for cooking food

Stir-fry is the most common cooking technique in China, and it only takes minutes to whip up a delicious dish with almost any proteins and vegetables you can find in the fridge.

Fair puts pet owners in cat and dog heaven

For pet owners, the Pet Fair Asia hosted every August in Shanghai is the ultimate carnival.

Enjoy the unique and varied tastes of China's treats

Chinese culinary culture is known for making best use of nature's offerings and cooking them in the best ways to preserve the original flavor.

Of Japanese cheesecake, cognac salmon and wasabi oreos

In keeping with its international history, Shanghai's cuisine increasingly offers cutting edge flavors from around the world.

Recreating tastes from childhood

For Zhou Yongle, being a restaurateur is not about making a profit, but preserving the childhood flavors he grew up with.

Two tasty ways to survive the sizzling summer heat

Some food and beverage trends are getting people from all over the city to line up to try in the gruelling summer.

China's 'vegetarian cheese' has health benefits

Chinese people have a lot of unique living habits, and one of them is always keeping a jar of fermented tofu in the fridge.