Union formed to better treat elderly with hip fractures

Hip fractures among the elderly are rising annually along with the rising number of old people. A special union was established to deal with the issue.

Hip fractures among the elderly, which are nicknamed 'the last fracture in one's whole life', are rising annually along with the rising number of old people. The incidence of hip fracture among the elderly in China will be 16 to 20 percent, which means 1.8 to 2 million people every year from 2020.

Only 25 percent of patients can recover completely, while 24 percent of those over 50 will die within one year after hip fracture. The majority need family care and support while walking.

Surgery is important, as only 30 percent of elderly people survive for over five years if they don't undertake surgery, medical specialists said while the nation’s treatment union on elderly people’s hip fractures was established in Shanghai over the weekend.

The union, which will team up with leading hospitals in the nation, will do multi-center research on the treatment of this problem. Technology will also be improved and clinical practice will be regulated to improve the effect of treatment on patients and enhance their life quality.

“Providing early surgery for the elderly suffering from hip fracture can drop mortality and improve their quality of life,” said Dr Zhang Changqing, vice president of Shanghai No.6 People’s Hospital, a leading hospital in orthopedics in China. “Our hospital set up a special ward for the elderly with hip fractures. Patients can receive surgery as soon as 40 to 72 hours after fracture.”

Hip fracture among the elderly is not only a medical problem but also a social one, which imposes strong burdens on family and society. It requires wide attention and support, specialists said.


Ti Gong

Doctors from Shanghai No.6 People's Hospital perform a hip fracture surgery.

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