Man detained for touching woman on sleeper train

The man, who works for an IT company in Shanghai, said he did it "for fun," police said.

A man has been detained for sexually touching a woman on a sleeper train, Shanghai railway police said on Tuesday.

The suspect, surnamed Li, took train K171 from Linyi city of Shandong Province to Shanghai last Sunday evening.

At about 2am on Monday morning, Li allegedly touched a woman who shared the same compartment with him on her breast.

Both Li and the woman slept opposite each other on the uppermost bunk bed, police said.

The woman was startled and turned to the other side, but after two minutes, Li reached his hand to her again, police said.

The woman sat up and slapped Li on the face and then reported him to the police on the train.

Li allegedly confessed and said he touched the woman “for fun”.

He is from Shandong and works for an IT company in Shanghai, police said.

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