TCM surgery effectively treats anal problems

TCM surgery and therapy developed by local experts is recognized for its effects on anal diseases and problems and has been promoted nationwide.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) surgery and therapies developed by local specialists are recognized by experts at home and abroad for their effects treating anal diseases and other problems.

Over 300 medical experts at home and abroad participated in a meeting at Shanghai Longhua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, one of the leading TCM hospitals in the city, to promote the practices and theories of Dr Lu Jingen, who developed a TCM surgical method using thread instead of a knife to treat complicated anal fistula, resulting in shorter treatment periods and quicker recovery.

So far, the therapy has been promoted to over 30 medical facilities across the nation and treated over 1,000 patients with complicated conditions.

Specialists from the UK, Thailand, India, Egypt, Brazil and Japan also gathered to discuss the latest technology on anal and intestinal diseases, while looking for a good combination between western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

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