Young volunteers to be rewarded for good deeds

Free-lease apartments and coupons from various service providers will be offered to people who do good to others on a consistent basis.

The city’s top award-winning volunteers will be entitled to free-lease apartments for up to a year, among other benefits, the Shanghai Youth League Committee said on Thursday.

Young volunteers registered through the Youth League will also be able to collect points for taking part in volunteer activities and exchange them for 45 beneficiary service deals worth more than 160 million yuan (US$24 million).

The deals are offered by banks, tourism agencies, real estate developers, car and bike rentals, airlines and food ordering websites among others.

Three real estate developers promised to offer a total of 60 apartments for lease to volunteers who win top awards for their good deeds, and the average amount of benefit in each case is about 57,000 yuan, according to the committee.

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