Hospitals welcome lucky 'dog year' babies

Hospitals in the city have mobilized staff to meet patients' needs during the Spring Festival break, despite it being one of China's biggest holidays.

The family of Zhao Xinghe

Shanghai embraced its first baby born in the lunar Year of the Dog at 1:42am this morning.

Doctors from Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital said the birth went well and the baby boy was healthy.

The baby’s father, Zhao Wenxuan from Jiangxi Province, named his son Zhao Xinghe. This is his second kid, the elder being a girl.

“His name is my wish for him to have a big heart and be just,” Zhao said. “May he grow strong and fast like a grain seedling.”

Ying Hao, the head of the hospital's gynaecology and obstetrics department, said hospitals in Shanghai are prepared to welcome new lives during the Spring Festival break, despite it being China's most important public holiday.

By 10am today, the first day of the Lunar New Year, 17 lucky Year of the Dog babies were born.

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