Fallen pillar smashes bus at road crossing

No one was hurt in Monday's incident, but damage to the bus is estimated at US$63,200.

A No 71 bus was hit by a pillar that fell from a building about 6:30am Monday at the junction of Yan'an Road E. and Zhejiang Road M. No one was hurt, police said.

Gales and heavy rain lashed the city last night as a cold front moved in.

Witnesses said the pillar might have been part of an outdoor billboard that was blown away by the wind from the top of a nearby office building.

The front end of the bus was severely damaged, the roof was smashed open and the scene was littered with broken glass. Most of the passengers were sitting in the rear of the bus.

The city's Ba-shi Public Transportation company estimated the damage at 400,000 yuan (US$63,200).

Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

The fallen pillar lies at the junction of Yan'an Road E. and Zhejiang Road M. was wrapped up plastic woven.

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