Authorities work to keep Shanghai quenched

Shi Shangquan
As temperatures rise, city heads into peak season for water consumption.
Shi Shangquan

Water authorities in Shanghai are preparing for a seasonal surge in water consumption, which they expect to start on Friday and continue into summer.

According to Shanghai SMI Water Group, daily water consumption in downtown Shanghai could reach as high as 6.4 million cubic meters during peak season, down from last year’s high of 7.07 million cubic meters.

SMI is also working to ensure the quality of local water. Controlling algae is a particular concern during summer, when high temperatures can increase the risk of contamination. The group is now applying biological treatment and filtration systems to keep algae out of water supplies.

The group also arranged drills to fix emergency situations during summer.

Meanwhile, the cleaning of water tanks and pipelines in residential communities will be finished before the end of next week.

The construction of new water plants and pumps is also in full swing, with three plants recently completed in suburban Shanghai.

According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, this summer will be hotter than average, with at least 25 days of temperatures above 35 Celsius degrees.

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