Jiading expands access to libraries

By year-end, 30 libraries in the district will be open 24/7

By the end of the year, 30 libraries will be open 24/7 in Jiading District, said Zhang Xi, Party secretary of the district.

“Each library has a theme,” said Zhu Hong from the district’s administration of culture, radio, film and TV. “Each will provide a unique vibe to the readers.”

A newly opened library on Bole Road is themed on parents and children, and the reading room has over 5,000 picture books in both Chinese and English.

Zhu said the idea of these libraries is to bring a study room to residents where they can find a quiet place to enjoy reading.

“That’s why we open (these libraries) near residential communities,” Zhu said. “So that people don’t have to spend too much time in traffic.”

Other leisure spaces, like catering rooms, however, will not be open 24-hours.

Jiading District is also encouraging schools to open their libraries to the public during weekends, which will further relieve pressure on the city's libraries.

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