'Shanghai Brands' honor for local products

Five products from three companies based in Songjiang have been listed among "Shanghai Brands."

Five products from three companies based in Songjiang have been listed among “Shanghai Brands.”

Pencils from China First Pencil Co, metal suitcase from Shanghai Runmi Technology Co, and router and body content weighing scale from Shanghai Feixun Communication Co passed tests and won the honor of “Shanghai Brands” with 45 other products and 36 services from 50 other companies.

Ti Gong

A pencil case that can be used as an easel produced by China First Pencil Co

Ti Gong

A suitcase produced by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co

Ti Gong

A body content weighing scale produced by Shanghai Feixun Communication Co

Quite a few brand promotion awards accredited by governments in recent years, though exerting authoritativeness, are gradually losing trade and social recognition.

Therefore, starting from 2015, Shanghai began to seek third- party recognition agencies to form the Shanghai Brands international accreditation union.

Aspects taken into consideration when companies seek to be Shanghai Brands include independent creativeness, product or service quality, management style, brand effectiveness, green development concepts and social responsibility.

“One requirement when we award Shanghai Brand to a company is that the company should also act according to world first-rate standards besides having world first-rate capacity, because only first-rate standards can ensure first-rate products and services. Otherwise the so-called ‘first-rate’ can’t be forever guaranteed,” said Wang Zheng, deputy chief of the quality development and coordination office of Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

As a result, a competitive mechanism is being considered for inclusion in the accreditation process.

After the first batch of Shanghai Brands were declared, products or services belonging to the same category but produced by other companies, if seeking recognition, need to achieve the same quality as the first batch or even better. Likewise, awarded products or services, once knocked out, will be replaced by other products or services as the new Shanghai Brands.

Products listed in Shanghai Brands will be given first consideration when governments carry out procurement projects. Companies having won Shanghai Brands will enjoy preferential policies.

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