Quality reminder for children's high chair manufacturers

Shanghai quality inspectors have found over 20,000 children's high chairs which failed to meet China's national standards since May.

The quality of high chairs for toddlers and young children found on the Shanghai market are concerning, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau said on Monday.

Law enforcers from the bureau said they have discovered over 20,000 such high chairs which failed to meet China’s national standards during product inspections since May.

The problematic high chairs were produced by 10 branded companies and worth over 10 million yuan (US$1.5 million).

According to China's national standards, a high chair shouldn’t have wheels if it’s not also meant as a walker for toddlers, and straps are essential. Also, high chairs shouldn’t have holes, gaps or sharp edges that could hurt children.

Those were the major problems found in the products that failed quality inspections, the bureau said.

On Monday, 11 major high chair manufacturers and retailers in China were given a professional introduction and analysis of national standards at the bureau, after which they signed a pledge to abide by the standards in the future.

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