Woman apologizes for train incident

Passenger who refused to move seats poured water over passengers trying to film her 

A foreign woman who sat in another passenger’s seat and refused to show her ticket poured water over other passengers who tried to film her. 

The incident happened on the K8482 train from Shanghai to Fuyang in Anhui Province on September 23.

A witness said the woman sat on seat 10 in the 7th carriage after boarding the train in Shanghai. The passenger who had a ticket for the seat tried to talk to her but she remained silent. 

A man tried to talk to her in English, but she stayed in the seat and wouldn't reply until the train crew came.

Asked to leave, the woman responded:  “I don’t care” in Chinese.

“We thought she didn’t understand Chinese,” the witness said.

She was also shouting "stop filming" in Chinese as several passengers tried to film her, it was reported. 

The crew is said to have taken the woman to the dining carriage after the train stopped at Suzhou in Jiangsu Province.

According to Shanghai Railway, she later gave up the seat and apologized to the passengers she had poured water on.

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