Film firms choosing Chedun as their base

Chedun Town has signed agreements with 302 film enterprises to be based in the town.
Film firms choosing Chedun as their base
Ti Gong

A scenery at Chedun Film Base of Songjiang District

Chedun Town has signed agreements with 302 film enterprises to be based in the town, making up 90 percent of the 335 cultural companies authorities have introduced to the town between January and August this year.

The companies are involved in areas including video shooting, post-production editing and dubbing, and film and television intellect property rights.

Well-known companies, such as Shanghai Film Group and Talent Television and Film Co settled in Chedun in earlier years, initiated an influx of excellent film cultural and creative companies and teams at home and abroad.

Investment promotion staff of the town brought in Jinzheng Baoyun Smart Community Theatres. They are now promoting a cooperative project between Tencent and iQiyi, the construction of Qishan Cultural and Creative Park and cooperation with Shanghai Xingxi Culture and Media Co.

“Ninety percent of the registered film companies in Shanghai are based in Songjiang. Investors of some city-level film projects are willing to put money in Chedun. All this is good news for the town. As investment promoters, we are objectively analyzing our current resources, making efforts to extend the film industry chain and raising the additional value,” said Chen Airong, general manager of Chedun Three Zero Shanghai Culture and Creative Industrial Park.

Shanghai Guosheng Cultural Communication Co is a Hong Kong-invested film company recently established in Chedun. Its parent company is the biggest film and television equipment supplier in Hong Kong. Liu Guoliang, its chairman, based the company in Chedun for the town’s clear industry positioning and convenient traffic.

“My company has been doing business in Chedun for many years, as early as ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ (a comedy starring Stephen Chow) that was shot in Chedun. We provided film equipment and props to crew here,” said Liu whose thought of setting up a film base in Chedun first crossed his mind in 2016, the year Chedun was listed among the first batch of China Characteristic Towns.

“After Guosheng settled down in Chedun, a group of high-tech film companies will follow suit. These companies will raise the industrial competitiveness of the town. Besides, companies with cooperation experiences with Hollywood will bring advanced developing ideas to the town,” said Chen.

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