Roads revamped around Sino-Israeli innovation hub

Work has begun on roads near the innovation hub for Chinese and Israeli high-tech companies.

Work has started on roads near the new innovation hub for Chinese and Israeli high-tech companies to improve traffic and the environment.

The first phase of the China-Israel Innovation Hub in Putuo District is part of a national partnership between the two countries. The work on four roads and a major thoroughfare is scheduled to be completed on March 10. 

Greenbelts are being created along Dunhuang, Qilianshan, Wuwei E., Yongdeng and Zhennan roads. Further improvements are planned to expand vehicle lanes and move overhead cables underground. Sidewalks around the hub will be paved with granite.

The roads formerly served Taopu industrial zone, one of the first chemical industry parks in Shanghai, dating back to the 1950s. About 7,500 square meters of historical buildings will house the first enterprises. The structure of the Soviet-style buildings in Qilianshan Road will be reinforced but their appearance retained.

The Sino-Israel hub, will be officially launched by the end of March, Putuo announced on Tuesday.

As part of the partnership announced by the China and Israel government during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Beijing in March 2017, the innovation hub will support technology transactions and service trade between the two countries.

The district plans to first invite service institutes such as law firms, intellectual property rights protection institutes, investment foundations and accounting firms to serve future hi-tech companies from both countries.

Twenty-eight Israeli startups selected in an entrepreneurship contest late last year are seeking local investment and cooperation. About 300 Israeli enterprises registered for the competition.

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