Yang Jian

Chief Metro Reporter

Eastern investment is plain good sense

The investment unit of China Eastern Airlines' controlling shareholder will invest 3.15 billion yuan (US$452 million) in Juneyao Airlines' share in private placement.

Shikumen history speaks through QR codes

Lilong residences, downtown lane neighborhoods, are having QR codes fitted to encourage visitors learn the stories behind the structures that date back to over a century ago.


Temple backs young entrepreneurs

The city's Jade Buddha Temple announces its latest round of sponsorship to help local students setting up businesses. 

Fallen leaves to make art in Xuhui District

A festival featuring artworks made from leaves picked up from the street was announced at the Hui Forum on Saturday.

Senior amenities for a 'happy, healthy and long life'

The senior day care center in Jiaxing Road subdistrict serves a model in providing daytime activities, meals and medical help for elderly without care at home.

Art set in stone at city temple exhibition

More than 200 stone carvings and seals created by master craftsmen have gone on display at the city's Jade Buddha Temple.

Putuo's expo without end makes life better

Putuo District in the city's northwestern downtown has been taking an active part in the CIIE along with companies based in the district to help create "an expo that never ends."

Yangpu's hub of innovation and enterprise

Yangpu District in the city's northeast is Shanghai's biggest downtown district with largest number of residents and the longest Huangpu River waterfront.

Art fair begins at West Bund waterfront

Hundreds of contemporary artworks from art galleries are being exhibited at the Huangpu River waterfront in Xuhui for the annual West Bund Art & Design fair.

Putuo launches 3 tourist routes for CIIE exhibitors

Putuo District has prepared three sightseeing routes for exhibitors of the first China International Import Expo to learn about the district's future development.