Wet weekend for Dragon Boat Festival

After three sunny days, the rains will return with a wet weekend forecast for the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, when the college entrance exams are also held.

It is likely to be another warm summer week, with the highs mostly staying at or above 30 degrees Celsius, forecasters said on Sunday.

However, the sunny spell will only last for three days and it will start to rain on Thursday. The showers will continue into the weekend — time for residents to enjoy the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday while local high school students gear up for their college entrance exams.

The city will then see a bit of cooling down as the maximum temperatures drop back to the high 20s.

According to the local weather bureau, Monday and Tuesday will have a mix of sun and clouds. The cloud cover will increase on Wednesday and bring with it some showers at times on Thursday.

The skies will clear up for a while on Friday morning but the showers will make their way back to parts of the city in the afternoon. Saturday will see a showery afternoon as well. The rain will stop on Sunday with a gray cover.

The mercury will reach 30 degrees on Monday and continue to rise to 33 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday the high will drop to 28 degrees with the rain but it will soon return to 30 and 31 degrees on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Starting next Sunday, the high will fall below 30 degrees again.

The lows for this week will range from 21 to 25 degrees.

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