Digital talent the focus of university contract

Yang Meiping
Huawei signs agreement to cooperate on enhancing the teaching of cutting-edge technologies on the East China Normal University campus. 
Yang Meiping

East China Normal University and Huawei signed a contract on Wednesday to enhance cooperation in cultivating talent in the digital era, smart campus construction and digitalization of basic education.

According to the contract, the two sides will establish a trustworthy computing lab at the university to research computing systems that are inherently secure, available and reliable. 

With Huawei’s strength in cloud computing resources as well as its open source in software and hardware, the two parties will cooperate in research into information technology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, data science and engineering and the development of database systems and next-generation chips. 

They will also work together to transfer the research findings into application.

The university will set up a Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy, which will be an innovative talent cultivation center. Huawei will provide teaching and research facilities and cloud computing resources for the academy and build teaching labs with the university to explore new engineering education approaches.

They will set up courses in communications technology, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence and develop related textbooks.

With its strength in research and development as well as its experience in smart campus construction in universities, Huawei will provide East China Normal University with advanced designs and a basic structure for a green, safe and smart campus. 

With the university’s experience and intelligence resources in educational digitalization, the two sides will set up a “smart campus innovation lab” at the university to carry out research on technologies and theories of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, future network, Internet of Things and big-data analysis.

In the basic education area, the university and the company will set up a smart education data platform to integrate all kinds of data to promote the development and application of related digital education platforms. They will also set up a data analysis platform to enhance public education in computer science and artificial intelligence, as well as deeper integration of education and information technologies.

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