Come and enjoy beautiful Lin'an

Hu Min
Just a short drive from Shanghai, a world of natural beauty offers an escape from the bustle of the city.
Hu Min
Come and enjoy beautiful Lin'an
Ti Gong

Rafting in Lin'an

Authorities in Lin'an District in Hangzhou in neighboring Zhejiang Province have unveiled their summer tourism offerings to lure Shanghai tourists.

The fun includes water rafting, historical and cultural attractions and the countryside beauty of Lin'an.

Lin'an boasts a number of rafting attractions including Longjingxia, which is known for its thrilling drifting experience and is nicknamed the "roller coaster on water," as well as the Liangyuan Valley, Liuxi River, Baishuijian and Tianmuyuan.

Its Hanghui, Wuyue, Tangling and Liangchang old tracks are ideal spots for a cool summer hike, renowned for their rich green coverage.

The Lin'an District Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Tourism and Sports Administration signed a cooperation agreement with the operator of Shanghai City Tour Card over the weekend, and Shanghai electronic toll collection system users will be able to enjoy discounted or free admission to some tourist attractions in Lin'an.

It takes less than three hours from Shanghai to Lin'an, and Shanghai tourists made 1.195 million visits to the district last year, the most from all municipalities and provinces outside Lin'an.

Lin'an is home to the mausoleum of Qian Liu, founder and first ruler of the Wuyue Kingdom (AD 907-978 AD), the Lin'an Museum, and a cluster of beautiful villages and minsu (Chinese B&Bs).

In autumn, tourists can experience folk custom activities such as straw shoe weaving, making maci, a traditional snack made of glutinous rice, and grinding soybean milk in the Lin'an countryside.

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