Three former executives charged with graft

Ke Jiayun
Prosecutors say the amount of money alleged to have been embezzled by former employees of Shanghai INESA Holding Group was particularly huge. 
Ke Jiayun

She Baoqing, former vice president of Shanghai INESA Holding Group, a state-owned solution provider and operator of smart cities, and two other senior officials have been charged with graft, embezzlement and destroying accounting records, the Shanghai People’ s Procuratorate’s No. 1 Branch said.

Prosecutors said She, former president of Shanghai Jinling Co Ltd, the company's former general manager Xu Weiwu and former chief accountant Ge Gengqi took advantage of their positions in Jinling Co and its three subsidiary corporations to conceal the dividend and steal agency funds. The amount of money was particularly huge, they said. 

She concealed and destroyed accounting records of one of the subsidiary corporations to try to conceal his crimes, they added.

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