Drivers and pedestrians benefit from roadworks

Ten roads in downtown Jiading are currently being repaired or revamped.

Ten roads in downtown Jiading are currently being repaired or revamped — Chenliu Road M., Xincheng Road, Qinghe Road, Shengzhu Road, Ande Road N., Hezheng Road, Yanchuan Road, Anxiao Road, Ande Road S. and Nandajie Street.

Qinghe Road from Bole Road to Huancheng Road is one of the most important projects among the 10 as it is one of the suburban district’s main shopping centers.

This particular project involved replacing damaged square bricks of different

colors and shapes with granite slabs, which will make maintenance easier as well in future. In addition, workers used thicker granite slabs for parking spaces along the road.

“There were a lot of broken bricks on the sidewalks, causing some people to trip and fall while others found their shoes and clothes becoming dirty during rainy days. I hope these repairs can change the situation completely,” said Wang Ya, who lives in the nearby Jiabao Apartments.

“It’s much more comfortable to drive my car here,” said Yang Yiwei, a resident of the Zijinli community.

“Beforehand I felt the road so bad that my heart even beat faster when passing Chenliu Road M. from Cangchang Road to Jiajian Highway,” said Yang.

The repairs on Chenliu Road covered vehicle and pedestrian lanes, bridges, traffic

lights and sidewalks. Work on Shengzhu Road from Jiatang Highway to Chengbei Road started in December and is expected to be completed by the end of August.

Harbor bus stops are being set up in a bid to smooth the traffic flow.

Drivers and pedestrians benefit from roadworks
Ti Gong
Special Reports