Bureau reviews subsistence procedures

Hu Min
Families in need of financial help will find it easier to apply from October but the real-life situation of those receiving allowances will be reviewed regularly.
Hu Min

Families in difficulty will find it easier to apply for subsistence allowances from October after the city’s civil affairs authorities announced it was streamlining procedures. 

The amount of information required is being cut and there is no need to submit details already recorded in the city's electronic license and permit database. 

The frequency of families receiving the allowance will also be reviewed based on their real situation. 

Shanghai had 182,942 people in 135,963 households covered by the subsistence allowance system by the end of August, according to Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. 

Since 2019, 20,551 people in 3,066 households were disqualified for failure to meet the criteria. 

Everyone covered by the system has a file and their situation is reviewed regularly, said Li Yong, deputy director of the bureau. 

Random checks are also conducted and allowances are stopped if people fail to meet the standard for social assistance, he said. 

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