Yangpu making garbage sorting fun

Hu Min
A month of activities designed to promote the district as a model zone for the proper treatment of household waste is launched in song and dance.
Hu Min
Yangpu making garbage sorting fun
Ti Gong

Dance performances promoting garbage sorting form part of the opening ceremony of a month of events in Yangpu District.

A month of garbage sorting activities was launched off in Yangpu District on Tuesday, calling on residents to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and sort their household waste. 

At an opening ceremony, there was dancing and singing, and garbage-sorting volunteers were presented with bags made from recycled bottles.

The month will also see exhibitions, lectures and competitions.

The event is hosted by the Yangpu District Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau and Wujiaochang Subdistrict and co-hosted by Aihuishou, a digital product collection platform.

Yangpu District is making efforts to establish itself as a model zone of household garbage sorting, and has created a management system covering the whole process of separate collection, transport and treatment, according to the bureau.

Recyclable trash such as plastic, textile products and paper are turned into clothing, souvenirs, furniture and office items, the bureau said.

Residents earn points by disposing of recyclable items into intelligent collection machines which weigh the items and award points which can be exchanged for gifts.

They can also book collection services at their doors.

This year, more than 10,000 tons of recyclable waste have been collected in Yangpu via the intelligent collection machines, the bureau said.

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