Green channel saves lives

Cai Wenjun
Speedy transport of donated liver ensures two successful surgeries at Shanghai's Renji Hospital for a 4-month-old baby and 51-year-old woman.
Cai Wenjun

A donated liver transported by China Eastern Airlines from Qingdao in Shandong Province to Shanghai International Airport on Tuesday became the latest organ transfer to benefit from the airport's green channel.

Enjoying smoother and quicker transport because of coordination by relevant authorities, the flight, which left Qingdao at 11:40am, arrived at Shanghai almost half an hour ahead of schedule. The doctor delivering the liver was escorted by the airline staff from the plane.

Shanghai’s Renji Hospital announced at 7pm that transplant operations had been successful.

The donated liver was divided into two parts: one for a 4-month-old child from Guangdong Province and the other for a 51-year-old female patient with cirrhosis from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

“The donated liver was very good in quality. It saved two people’s lives and the green channel helped save time in liver storage and transport. That was very important for the liver separation and two successful surgeries,” said Dr Zhu Jianjun from Renji Hospital’s liver surgery department.

The doctor who delivered a donated liver from Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao airport on Tuesday benefited from the green channel to ensure quicker and safer human organ transport.
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