No new cases of coronavirus in Shanghai Friday morning

Li Qian
Shanghai Health Commission has said no new cases of virus was discovered in the city on Friday morning while 28 people were discharged from the hospital.
Li Qian

There were no new cases of coronavirus reported in the city on Friday morning, the Shanghai Health Commission said.

The city also ruled out another 45 suspected cases. 

Meanwhile, 28 people were discharged from the hospital after making recovery, the commission said.

“It has further boosted our confidence in the anti-virus campaign,” Zheng Jin, a spokeswoman for the commission, said at the press conference on Friday afternoon. “But we should be aware that Shanghai is still at the critical state in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus due to people returning to the city and resuming work.”

She called for stricter measures and intensified efforts. She noted the integrated application of the western medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of the virus.

“Ninety percent of the patients received by designated hospitals are treated with TCM,” she said.

On Thursday, the city confirmed five new cases, three of whom came from key infected areas.

Their whereabouts covered public transportation hubs, residential compounds, wholesale markets, supermarkets and hotels in five districts. Here are the places:

The Shanghai Railway Station in Jing’an District; the Pudong International Airport and Holiday Inn Express in Tangzhen Town in the Pudong New Area; the Shanghai Nenyuan Grain and Oil Wholesale Market and Lane 20 Handan Road in Yangpu District; Huling Farmer’s Market and Bailian Quyang Shopping Mall in Hongkou District; Meiluo Jiayuan Nianjiyuan residential complex and Luodian Town outlet of Century Mart in Baoshan District.

Close contacts of these patients have been put under quarantine and observation, and relevant places have been undergoing proper disinfection, the commission said.

So far, the city has confirmed a total of 318 infections. Among them, 210 patients are in stable conditions, 11 are severely ill and 6 are fighting for life. There has been one local fatality. Another 90 patients have been discharged from the hospitals.

Of the diagnosed patients, 165 are male and 153 are female, aged between 7 months and 88 years old. A total of 102 patients are from outside the city, and 216 are Shanghai residents. One hundred and forty four people have stayed or traveled to Hubei, the epidemic center, 33 have stayed or traveled to other places, and 141 have had contacts with infected people.

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