Pudong talent hub serves top-notch professionals

Li Qian
In the Pudong International Talent Hub, local human resources and social security officials have served more than 13,000 people in the past year.
Li Qian

The Pudong International Talent Hub has served more than 190,000 professionals from  home and abroad in the past year, statistics showed.

The talent hub, which aims to attract global professionals to Pudong by offering one-stop service, was opened in the Zhangjiang Science Park in April 2019. Some renowned human resources companies, such as CDP, Manpower and Career International, have set up offices in the hub.

“In the talent hub, Pudong’s human resources and social security bureau has served more than 13,000 people, including 9,600 foreigners,” said Pudong’s deputy director, Guan Xiaojun, at the 2020 Pudong International Human Capital Trends Summit held on Thursday.

He added: “Last year, Pudong clarified its six core industries, which are biomedicine, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, home-grown aircraft, big data and new energy vehicles. The industrial restructuring has changed demands in professionals. So, we have to upgrade services.”

The talent hub was placed in Zhangjiang, a major base for the core industries to develop, and it allows companies to get access to quality professionals, he added.

The talent hub provides one-stop services in 80 items related to both domestic and overseas professionals, including handling work and residence permits of foreigners. Besides, in the past year, it has held 159 roadshows and attracted more than 300 start-ups to find people and development in Pudong.

At the 2020 Pudong International Human Capital Trends Summit, 89 human resources companies including Manpower and Liepin were honored for offering quality services. Through livestreaming, senior human resources executives shared their views on how to handle the changing world.

Stephen Cui, global partner of Aon Hewitt, said the biggest challenge for Chinese companies to expand in the global market is cultural integration under globalization.

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