Less traffic expected for this year's Labor Day holiday

Wu Ruofan
Shanghai road authorities are forecasting declines in car traffic on local roads, as well as a drop-off in outbound vehicle journeys as holidaymakers stay close to home.
Wu Ruofan

Shanghai road traffic during the upcoming Labor Day holiday is expected to decline compared with last year, with most travel taking place within the city due to the pandemic.

The Shanghai Road Administration Bureau predicts a total of 6.5 million vehicles out on expressways during the holiday, which runs from May 1 to 5 this year, for an average daily volume of 1.3 million vehicles.

This means a 15 percent drop compared with last year.

There will also be 3.35 million vehicles heading out of the city, 25 percent lower compared with last year, with 70 percent of them bound for neighboring Jiangsu Province.

Meanwhile, the number of vehicles using the city’s elevated roads will reach 8.4 million, only slightly less than last year.

Congestion peaks are predicted for late April 30 and May 1, as well as the last day of the holiday for expressways, Yan’an Elevated Road, the Inner Ring Road and the South-North Elevated Road.

Passengers may also see traffic surges on the G2, G15, G40, G50 and G60 expressways.

Transport officials remind travelers to protect themselves by wearing masks, keeping their distance from one another and completing all health checks while enjoying their holidays.

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