Shanghai Customs launches review platform

Tian Shengjie
Just like restaurant review website, customs reveals details of the first kind of platform in the country for the transparency of the customs clearance industry.
Tian Shengjie
Shanghai Customs launches review platform
Ti Gong

Shanghai Customs officials release details of a new platform for the review of agent declaration enterprises on Friday.

A platform, like restaurant review website, for the review of agent declaration enterprises was issued by the city’s customs on Friday.

It is the first of its kind in the country for the transparency of the customs clearance industry.

As different types of goods have different customs clearance processes, agent declaration enterprises can make customs declarations for the import and export companies.

However, sometimes the declaration companies, as intermediaries, can create misunderstandings between customs and other firms, so it is important to develop this platform, said Liu Bo, deputy director of the local customs.

Information about declaration companies can be seen at, including their areas of expertise, time of customs clearance and violation record. The data is provided by the customs.

Shanghai Customs launches review platform
Ti Gong

The new platform has detailed information about declaration companies.

Import and export firms can appraise and grade declaration companies on its home page.

The list of declaration companies with the most standardized, fastest and largest amount of customs declaration services will be released by the customs on the platform.

“According to the overall evaluation and big data, a company can easily find the appropriate declaration enterprise,” said Wang Tao, an official with global dairy cooperative Fonterra, adding that some firms actually don’t care about the speed of customs clearance but the professional service.

The platform is only provided for Shanghai-based agent declaration enterprises but all import and export companies trading with them from all the world can visit and comment on the platform.

Meanwhile, the order-tracking service on the platform was also released by the customs on Friday. After inputting a customs declaration number, the import and export firms can follow the customs clearance process.

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